Not everyone happy with the new iPhone changes

Apple is also releasing high-end wireless headphones called airpods

(CNN) – The iPhone 7 has arrived. It has two new colors and a host of other features. Apple lovers can start ordering the new phone this Friday but not everyone is happy about the changes.

The iPhone 7 and the larger 7 plus are water and dust resistant. The iPhone 7 plus has two side-by-side 12 megapixel cameras. One is wide angle and one is telephoto. To give users two times the optical zoom. And 10 times the digital zoom.

Apple is saying hit the road jack, by nixing the traditional headphone jack.

Phil Schiller, Apple: “We’ll give you a word. Courage. Courage to move on”

Now headphones either plug into the same lightning port you use to charge the iPhone. Or connect wirelessly. Some cringe at saying so long to the wired headphones featured in apple’s early iPod ads.

Apple unveils iPhone 7 with better camera, no headphone jack

New phones will include an adapter for traditional headphones. Apple is also releasing high-end wireless headphones called airpods. Those will cost you 159 bucks.

Of course the internet had a field day. One user tweeting a pic of a headphone jack with the caption: “Only 90’s kids will remember.”

Another saying: “I don’t even own airpods yet and I’ve already lost one.”

It wasn’t just about the iPhone. Apple’s new watch will be water proof with a brighter display and it will be 50 percent faster.

Apple also announced something gamers may love. The apple watch and Pokémon go will now be compatible and super Mario is coming to apple’s operating system IOS.

This is the first time a super Mario game can be played on a portable system that wasn’t made by Nintendo.

If you want the new iPhone, preordering starts this Friday but you’ll have to wait until next week for the phone to be in stores. The updated apple watch and new wireless headphones will be available next month.

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