Belchertown one-room schoolhouse moved, will be restored

Washington Street School's new home is at Stone House Museum grounds

A look inside the Washington Street School in Belchertown, a one-room schoolhouse which has been moved to the grounds of the Stone House Museum. The building will be restored.

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – Once upon a time, youngsters across much of America attended one-room schoolhouses. Many of these relics of the past are long gone, but a few remain standing, and one in Belchertown will be restored to the way it was when local children came there to learn.

The Washington Street School educated the children of the southern portion of Belchertown from 1882 to 1938. At the time, Belchertown was a heavily agrarian community. But even though needs changed and the community grew, the building remained standing.

It was recently lifted from its former site in South Belchertown, and moved to the center of town, where it is being permanently placed beside the Stone House Museum. Money will be raised to restore the building, so that local residents can have a permanent reminder of its proud past.

The Washington Street School in Belchertown has been moved to a new location at the Stone House Museum grounds.



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