Avoiding the Zika virus and harsh pesticides

All the chemical exposure is worrisome to a lot of people

(WFLA) – On the front lines in the fight against the Zika virus, crews in infected areas are double-dosing chemicals to kill larva and adult mosquitoes. People are being urged to use bug sprays with the ingredient DEET as another layer of protection.

All the chemical exposure is worrisome to a lot of people. “Right now it’s the better of two evils – I’ve been watching the news stories about Zika and my sister is in her first trimester and I do worry about the chemicals too – but I think the bigger concern is keeping her and her baby safe,” a new mom Rochelle Colburn said.

Continuing Coverage: Zika Virus

Tampa pediatrician Dr. David Berger agrees that there is still so much we don’t know about the Zika virus. “It’s a devastating disease when a baby turns out microcephalic with most likely lifelong developmental delays,” Dr. Berger said.

Dr. Berger says many of his patients are concerned about toxic accumulation and the over-exposure to chemicals like DEET used to fight mosquitoes.

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