4 Oakland police officers fired in police sex scandal


OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and City Administrator Sabrina Landreth are announcing a conclusion to the administrative investigation into the accused sexual misconduct of some police officers.

In Wednesday news conference, Schaaf said 12 Oakland police officers are facing discipline in the sex scandal.

Four have been terminated and seven are suspended without pay, Schaaf said.

Landreth said the accusations against the four include attempted sexual assault, lewd conduct in public, assisting in the crime of prostitution, being untruthful to investigators, and failing to report a violation of law by not reporting a minor having sexual conduct with police officers.

Other accusations include assisting in the evading arrest for the crime of prostitution, accessing law enforcement databases for personal gain, and bringing disrepute to the Oakland Police Department.

Schaaf noted some may have previously left the department.

The department earlier announced that two officers implicated in the scandal previously resigned. A third killed himself last year.

The seven suspended officers are accused of accessing a law enforcement database for personal gain, failing to report a violation of the law, and also bringing disrepute to the department.

One officer is expected to undergo counseling and training, Landreth said.

Over the course of the investigation, 28,000 text messages were looked at, along with 8,000 pages of social media, and 50 interviews were conducted.

Schaaf said the action taken by the city “sends a loud and clear message that we hold our officers to nothing but the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.”

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Investigators also looked at more than 20 hours of interviews with Celeste Guap, the woman at the center of the scandal.

Police first interviewed Guap on Sept. 30, 2015.

The 19-year-old woman at the center of the scandal said she has had sex with about 30 law enforcement officials. She said she had sex with four officers before she turned 18.

“It’s about making department-wide changes,” Schaff said.

The investigation of the police officers began on Sept. 23, 2015.

“This investigation has not only been about holding people accountable, it has also tried to prevent these actions from ever happening again,” Schaaf said.

Schaaf added her intent is “to increase officer awareness and ability to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and exploitation.”

“We are tightening our controls to access to our criminal databases and instilling policies on use of social media,” Schaaf added.

The Oakland mayor said the police department will be changing several policies and help victims of sexual violence seek help.

Schaaf even had a message for those victims.

“We see you, we are here for you, we are here to help you,” Schaaf said.

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Schaaf said Guap has been offered help by the city.

“We have offered Miss Guap support,” she said.

KRON’s Haaziq Maduyn first broke the story of the sex scandal in May.

Oakland police said in May that an investigation into allegations that officers committed sexual misconduct with a minor began after an officer committed suicide.

In August, Guap was arrested in Martin County, Florida for aggravated battery.

She flew to Florida to participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

Deputies were called to the rehab facility where a woman was reported being abusive towards staff.

Celeste Guap was talking about how many officers she slept with in California and past drug use, a report says.

Schaaf addressed allegations that the Richmond Police Department paid to send Guap across the country, saying “we’re not happy about this” and that Oakland officials made multiple offers to Guap to seek help that was locally based.

“As we root out misconduct, we also promote stronger culture of transparency,” Schaaf said.

Schaaf said she is prohibited by law to provide details that could possibly identify who the officers are.

The suspended officers will be on unpaid leave, and they will be following counseling when they return.

“I want to thank the residents of Oakland and the dedicated men and women of Police Department for their patience as we’ve conducted this investigation,” Schaaf said. “We care deeply about this community and its officers and believe that the outcomes in this case will root out misconduct, encourage a culture of transparency and continue the work of restoring trust.”

Guap said the changes being undertaken by the Police Department include increasing officer awareness of sexual exploitation and how to help victims escape such abuse, as well as the tightening of officers’ use of
police databases and additional training on social media practices.

Schaaf said District Attorney Nancy O’Malley is still completing her criminal investigation into the case and said “we have reason to believe she will be making determinations relatively soon.”

Earlier Wednesday, two Bay Area civil rights attorneys said they had been hired to represent Guap and have set up a trust fund and are seeking donations for her legal and medical care.

Oakland-based attorney Pamela Price wrote on her law firm’s website that she and Sausalito-based attorney Charles Bonner are working on the case.

Price said Guap was allegedly withdrawing from heroin at the rehab facility but after allegedly biting a guard, she was taken to jail on suspicion of felony aggravated battery.

Price addressed the allegations that Richmond police or some other law enforcement agency paid to send her to Florida and said Richmond police have denied any involvement in sending Guap there.

“She has no family there or any ties to Florida, or any reason to be there, other than someone in a Bay Area law enforcement agency thought it would be a good idea for her to go there,” Price wrote.

The trust fund set up by the attorneys can be found online at https://www.crowdrise.com/jasmine-freedom-trust-fund.

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