We continue to feel the impacts from the ongoing drought

It's affecting the mosquitoes and could impact the fall foliage

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The dry weather may not be good for our lawns but it is having a positive impact on the mosquito population this summer.

This is the time of year we typically see a lot of annoying mosquitoes around but our ongoing drought has had an effect on the mosquito population this year. Standing water is what mosquitoes need to breed. 

“Whenever you have a drought of this magnitude you’re going to find habitats that mosquitoes use have actually dried up and they’ve been dried up most of the summer. So with the reduction in habitat you don’t have the breeding sites and you do see a reduction in population,” said Bob Russell the entomologist at American Pest Solutions.

The drought conditions will likely impact the fall foliage season as well. 

“When you don’t have a lot of rain it makes the fall foliage disappear quite quickly. I heard up north they’ve had a little bit more rain than we’ve had so I think if anybody travels up north they would see a lot more color than they would down here,” said Richard King of West Springfield.

Drought conditions also tend to cause the leaves to change color earlier than normal. You may also start to see some bright red colors soon because the drought conditions can cause a concentration of sugars in the leaves. 

If we get a period of cool nights and sunny days soon we could still end up with a pretty nice fall foliage season this year.

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