Greenfield Community College receives federal grant money to help support students

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Over the next five years, Greenfield Community College will receive about 1.6 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Education. The funds will help students stay in school, and get their degrees.

“I think everyone should get the best education they can. It’s everyone’s right,” said Saul Soto, Student at Greenfield Community College.

The new federal grant will help provide more support services for the students at Greenfield Community College, many which say is important to have during their college experience.

“Since I’ve started here I’ve reached out, looking to get back into school and from the beginning they’ve been super helpful, whether it’s in financial aid or a teacher I need a little extra help,” said Thomas Rudel Student at Greenfield Community College. “They’re always ready to give me anything I ask for.”

The money will be used to hire new professional advisors for students. It’ll also fund equipment upgrades, degree auditing software, and tools for assessing students progress.These resources will be provided through a new support program.

“The goal is to help students early on is to help assess students early on find strengths where do they have needs and determine the reason for being in college is,” said Anna Berry, Dean of Students at Greenfield Community College. “We know the students who are most successful are really clear on what they want to do and where they’re headed.”

Berry said the “CARES” program, is designed to provide direct support for students from advisors or other services, such as peer tutoring.

Dean of Students Anna Berry told 22News, GCC will begin using the grant October 1st.

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