Battle of the planes: Clinton vs. Trump

(CNN) – Who has the better plane? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Coming soon to campaign stops nationwide, planes! But which plane? Is it Donald Trump’s customized 757 or Hillary Clinton’s blue 737?

On its maiden voyage as a campaign plane, Hillary’s ended up parked within sight of the Donald’s and Hillary was asked how she felt seeing his plane.

Clinton said, “I didn’t feel anything. Was I supposed to?”

Trump’s plane is more fantasy island, “24 karat gold plated sink. You’ll notice that the seatbelts as well as everything else are 24 karat gold plated.”

While Hillary’s is a more normally configured plane carrying 96 passengers, Trump’s carries only 43 but puts them in seats adorned with the Trump family logo.

“Here we are in Mr. Trump’s bedroom.”

Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have her own bedroom on her plane. One major difference, Hillary’s plane is a rental. While the Donald bought his jet used, it’s now 25 years old. The Donald makes up for all that gold plating by sending out photos of himself eating McDonalds and KFC, albeit with a knife and fork.

Both candidates held airborne gaggles with reporters.

“I need some water,” said Clinton. Though when Hillary had a coughing fit, allergic to Trump, she had quipped, she broke off her gaggle. One critic coined the hashtag air allergy while another photoshopped surgical masks on the press.

But there’s no question whose plane is bigger, the President’s, Air Force One.

Trump’s is bigger than Hillary’s and the Donald told Rolling Stone “it’s bigger than Air Force One…” However, The Washington Post got the specs to prove Donald wrong. Pants on fire. Better pants than an engine.

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