Back to School Etiquette

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s back to school time and making a first impression with your peers and teachers is key. Karen Thomas, Certified Etiquette Expert from, gave us some tips on back to school etiquette.

Back to School Etiquette Tips
In the Classroom
1. Please & thank you
2. Raise hand
3. Use indoor voices
4. Don’t interrupt
5. Good body language

In the Cafeteria
1. Don’t gross people out
2. Don’t talk with mouth full
3. Chew with mouth closed
4. Clean up after yourself

On the Playground
1. Encourage others to be included
2. Wait your turn
3. Be the friend you want to have

For Parents
1. Set standards
2. Talk about expectations
3. Communicate Openly
4. Encourage & display good manners yourself

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