Agriculture: More women take lead role in farming

The percentage of primary farm operators who are women doubled in 20 years, the USDA found

CRIVITZ, Wis. (WBAY) – While we’ve seen the number of farms in the U.S decrease, the number of women-led farms has increased. That’s according to the U.S Department of Agriculture.

Tired of dealing with health issues and needing a cleaner diet, Wendy Boe, owner of Wennepher Farms in Crivitz, took matters into her own hands and now she’s a farmer.

“Women I think over the last 50 years have really stepped up and took control of finances because before I know like my grandmother she didn’t know anything about balancing a checkbook or money,” said Wendy Bow, Wennepher Farms owner.

The last census by the U.S Department of Agriculture reports that 14% of primary farm operators are women, which is twice as many from about 20 years ago.

“I’ve never seen someone want to pursue something so hard, the persistence and determination and she’s got the background with the business degree and everything,” said John Schoerning, a partner on Wennepher Farms.

Boe said her work would not be complete without some teamwork but being a woman in the industry is empowering.

“I think that there shouldn’t be any ceilings or you know stereotypes you know the best mechanic I know is a woman” said Boe.

Although she hopes to inspire all women to do the same, Boe said the issue of healthy living and clean eating is one everyone should take part in.

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