What to expect in the presidential debates

In tone, Republican Donald Trump often highlights violent crimes perpetrated by immigrants in the country illegally, with aggressive rhetoric that emphasizes nationalism. Democrat Hillary Clinton features a softer approach that embraces diversity and the value of keeping immigrant families together, even as her critics accuse her of promoting "open borders."

(CNN) – For months, they’ve been huffing and puffing, ready to win the white house showdown, but who can really withstand the bluster of a presidential debate?

“A race for president is a long audition for the toughest job on the planet and these are the final exams,” said Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is predicted to be, well, unpredictable.  His fans think this plays to his strengths as a showman.

However there are risks given the majority of Americans concerned about Mr. Trump’s temperament and no script could be no problem for the Donald, especially if it causes Clinton to lose her cool.

“She’s not good that way, on her feet, so I welcome a one on one,” said Donald Trump Jr.

However the Washington outsider will need more than one liners in the 90 minute matchup.

“Senator Sanders did call me unqualified. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life. That was a first,” said Hillary Clinton.

The former secretary of state is expected to tout her accomplishments, but in a way that comes at her own risk.  Her ad-libbed partisanship last year caused significant blowback.

Then there is the issue of not knowing enough, cue Trump’s much maligned exchange on the nuclear triad from December.

“He’s going to have to show a mastery and knowledge of issues that he hasn’t shown to date. What plays to his strength are when he speaks to something where he has a large body of support in the public,” said David Axelrod.

For her part, Clinton in a recent poll was viewed as less honest and trustworthy than Trump.

Take this refusal to engage her opponent on her email controversy, it even earned a Saturday Night Live spoof.

One thing the opponents share?  They are the two least popular nominees in history, with just over two months to win you over.

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