Mosquito bites are dangerous for your pets, too


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – They say that the bark is worse than the bite, but when it comes to a bite from a mosquito, your furry friend could be at risk.

Assistant Veterinarian Whitney Camp with Brown Veterinary Hospital says this time of year is a risky one for pets.

“A lot of diseases are carried by mosquitoes unfortunately that can greatly affect their health.” Camp said. “One being heartworms. That’s a huge problem that we have in Indiana and a lot of surrounding counties and states.”

For animals, preventing mosquito bites is a little different.

Pet owners shouldn’t use sprays that people use because of the ingredients in them.
But there are things you can do.

“There are preventatives nowadays,” Camp said. “So your flea and tick preventatives, there are some that also do mosquito control. So those would be first and foremost some of the more important one. Over the counter wise, people can also do skin so soft and put that on their pet’s coat which helps deter some of the mosquitoes.”

Camp says another simple method to drive mosquitoes away is getting rid of anything that can hold water and help breed mosquitoes in your yard.

Allowing your pets to roam without any kind of preventative measures could have negative outcomes.

“Unfortunately the adult parasite can cause significant heart damage,” Camp said. “Damage to the pulmonary vessels, arteries, damage to the heart itself. And pets die from heart worms, I mean it’s very ugly.”

Camp says you’ll notice something is wrong with your pet if they get a cough and have an exercise intolerance.

She also says it is possible for pets to get the West Nile Virus but says she hasn’t seen any cases in animals like cats and dogs and that it mainly happens in horses.

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