Mayor wants $21M to improve the City of Holyoke

The money borrowed would be based on their credit rating

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse submitted a $21-million bond package to the City Council on Tuesday for approval. If approved, the Mayor wants to use the money to repair public parks, infrastructure, create jobs, and increase property values.

Dennis Seymour of Holyoke told 22News he hopes some of the work includes fixing Mackenzie Stadium at Holyoke High School; “The railings are all broken; they’re busted out of the cement. The hand railings that go up the stairs, some of the stairs are all, the cement is broken away, deteriorated from over the years. They need to be fixed.”

Holyoke High School’s tennis court is listed for upgrades, but the Mackenzie Stadium was not.

Holyoke City Councilor David Bartley told 22News the Mayor’s proposal was referred to the finance committee.

See below for full accounting of the Mayor’s proposal:

Holyoke Reinvestment Bond
Quantity Cost
DPW Priority Equipment & Projects
Litter Vacuum 1 $36,000.00
Refuse Truck 2 $410,000.00
Recycling Truck 2 $300,000.00
Frontend loader 1 $130,000.00
Pickup truck with Plow (Parks) 1 $35,000.00
Small FWD Dump Truck with Plow 1 $70,000.00
Traffic Controllers 5 $100,000.00
City Hall Stained Glass Restoration $350,000.00
City Hall Parking Deck $200,000.00
Fuel Depot Concrete Repairs $50,000.00
City Hall/Annex Offices $750,000.00
Recycling Containers for Residents $50,000.00
Total $2,481,000.00
Roof Projects
Annex $300,000.00
DPW Office $70,000.00
Exhibit Hall $210,000.00
Fire Station #3 $70,000.00
Total $650,000.00
Sidewalks & Roads
Sidewalks $750,000
Road Paving $1,000,000
Total $1,750,000
Traffic Signals/Intersections Design & Construct
Apremont @ Route 202 $200,000.00
Cherry @ Homestead $200,000.00
Northampton @ Hampden $90,000.00
Northampton @ Dwight $160,000.00
Pleasant @ Appleton $200,000.00
Pleasant @ Dwight $200,000.00
Pleasant @ Hampden $200,000.00
Speed Radar @ West Franklin $10,000.00
Total $1,260,000.00
Parks/Public Spaces
New Swimming Pool $1,500,000.00
Jones Point Tennis Courts $285,000.00
Crosier Tennis Courts $475,000.00
Holyoke High Tennis Courts $175,000.00
Mayer Field $75,000.00
Kinney Field $75,000.00
Rohan Park Spray Pad $75,000.00
Valley Arena Park $100,000.00
Springdale Park Lighting $100,000.00
391 Park $150,000.00
Citywide park benches $50,000.00
Wayfinding/Gateway signs $50,000.00
Solar Trash Compactors $25,000.00
Total $3,135,000.00
Infrastructure Projects
TOD TIP gap & Front St. Extension $1,750,000.00
Cabot Gateway Improvements, Design/Build $3,500,000.00
Jackson Street CSO Project $3,500,000.00
Demolition $1,000,000.00
Non-MSBA Schools Projects $400,000.00
Total $10,150,000.00
City Clerk
New Voting Machines $100,000
Police Department
Police Cars $180,000
City Communications
City Phone System $500,000.00
Police/Fire/DPW Radio System $1,500,000.00
Total $2,000,000.00
Bond Package Total $21,706,000.00

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