Chicago surpasses 500th homicide in 2016

Sharita Galloway is just one of hundreds of mothers in pain, Galloway lost her 16 year old son Elijah Sims when he was shot in the head this week, “I don’t want anyone to feel this feeling.  Cause it’s not a good feeling.  And it’s hard for me. Every day I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I can’t do nothing except think of my baby when I last saw him Monday morning.”

Residents tell us they feel like they are living in a war zone.  The numbers are astronomical.

More than 28 hundred people have been shot so far this year.  90 people were killed just in the month of August.

“Now there’s an added anger because the despair of this younger generation just saying enough.  So there’s an anger, there’s a despair, there’s a hopelessness, and unfortunately we take it out a lot on the people closest to us. So the anger is taken out on the community,” said Father Michael Pfleger.

According to the police department 472 people were murdered thru September 1st.  More people have been killed in Chicago “than in L.A. and New York City combined.”

“Gun laws have been an issue in the state of Illinois for a long time. I talked about it from the day I got here.  You need to go to jail if you’re in possession of an illegal firearm, yet in the state of Illinois possession of an illegal firearm is not even considered a violent crime for sentencing purposes,” said Garry McCarthy.

Citizens say they want help, anger is growing about a perceived lack of investment and help from city hall and the police department.

Chicago’s former top cop believes massive change is needed, “The Chicago police department right now is in turmoil.  It’s been in turmoil for the last 9 months.”

For those on the front line they say the problems are easy to diagnosis but so far no one has found a cure to help stem the tide of violence.

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