Study finds electronic tablets effective in calming children before surgery

The devices apparently helped to relax the kids' parents too.

Ipad and surgery
Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) – Surgery can be traumatic for anyone, but especially for children who have to undergo a procedure. But a new study suggests one well-known high tech device could work wonders to reduce anxiety in little ones before surgery.

For years, parents have known smart devices help keep their children occupied. Now it seems there could be a medical application for that. Kids who are about to have surgery might be helped, by their I-pads!

French researchers say playing games like “angry birds” worked just as well as sedatives, to make kids less anxious right before an operation.

The small study looked at one-hundred and twelve children between four-and-10 years old. The kids were randomly assigned to either take a sedative or play with an I-pad – twenty minutes before receiving anesthesia.

Researchers found the tablets worked just as well to reduce stress as did medication, and the study didn’t just show the I-pads were helpful for the young ones.

The devices apparently helped to relax the kids’ parents too. This isn’t the first study to suggest that technological distraction could be a way to reduce anxiety.

Researchers have also looked at virtual reality as a way to assist people who are in stressful positions.

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