Officials warning of dangers in high water, despite surfers’ delight

Officials urging caution as Hermine approaches

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) — While the large crashing waves on Narragansett Beach seemed intimidating to some, others found them tempting.

Despite the approval from surfers, officials are warning citizens to be cautious around the ocean in the coming days as Storm Hermine approaches.

“The word epic is overused, but these are epic,” said body boarder Greg Larson, describing the waves. He traveled all the way from Boston to ride the swells.

“Like a wild roller coaster, and you have to be active and aware every minute. I almost got crushed a couple of time but they’re coming so fast, its not just the height, but it’s how many are coming how fast,” Larson continued.

Most local beaches restricted swimming, and those experienced at surf and body boarding were monitored closely from the shore.

Officials say the size and frequency of the waves can easily become dangerous and even deadly for those out in the water.

As the storm approaches, it is advised to stay away from the water and the rocks at the immediate coast.

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