Dashcam video shows PIT maneuver to stop high-speed chase

Four suspects quickly arrested.

PIT maneuver
Photo Courtesy: CNN/WISN

(CNN/WISN) – Newly released video shows a police officer ramming a car during a high-speed chase.

Speeds hit nearly 100 miles per hour, but officers in Greenfield, Wisconsin were able to quickly stop the car using a pit maneuver and arrest four suspects.

“(Sirens) the end of a high-speed chase Thursday came just two minutes after it started, when a Greenfield officer on 27th street spotted a speeder, who took off when he saw the squad behind him.

An automated camera system reading the plate lets the officer know that the car is stolen.

(“If you don’t pull over I’m going to pit your car.”)

Seconds after that warning, the car slows down enough to safely do the pit.

Capt. Sean Licht: “The officer did exactly what he was trained to do, in inducing the pursuit to an end.”

Captain Sean Licht said they’re using pursuit intervention technique or pit only under certain circumstances. “If the officer can employ this technique safely, he’ll do so. We look for factors such as time of day, other vehicles around, pedestrian traffic what have you. In this instance there was no cars around. It was the perfect opportunity to employ this pit,” said Licht.

Four suspects quickly arrested. “We got a bag of cocaine. A gun with a laser sight on it,” said Licht.

Police say dangerous suspects stopped.

“We want to stop these chases as soon as possible because we know the deadly consequences to not only the people being chased but the surrounding public and our officers,” said Licht.

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