Combating global warming with clean energy

1/3 of all electricity in the U.S. is generated by coal fired power plants

(KVLY) – Researchers at the University of North Dakota have landed million dollar grant that could one day have a major impact on global warming.

They’re collaborating with the Chinese on creating clean burning coal fired powered plants that do not emit carbon-dioxide, the gas blamed for creating global warming.

One-third of all electricity in the United States is generated by coal fired power plants, and since China has vast coal reserves, they’ve also been building these plants at a staggering rate to keep up with their economy.

Wayne Seames, UND Chemical Engineering: “About four years ago the U.S. was the largest emitter of carbon-dioxide in the world. China went screaming past us and they now emit almost twice as much as we do. So, any effort to reduce global climate change, has to involve China,” says Professor Wayne Seames.

UND researchers are now working on technology that will separate pure oxygen from the incoming air into power plants. It’s used to burn the coal, which then produces an exhaust of almost pure CO2 that can be captured.

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