600 marijuana plants found at Connecticut daycare

6-10 foot tall plants were discovered behind new wooden fence

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – West Haven police discovered a large marijuana growing operation in the back of a home on Norfolk Street.

Police said 600 marijuana plants were in the backyard, with a street value of over a million dollars. Even more disturbing to neighbors is that the homeowners also run a daycare out of their house.

Neighbor Frankie Torres said, “In our backyard. It’s shocking.”

Another neighbor told News 8, “I think it’s a sad situation especially because they had a daycare there.” Torres added, “We saw a bunch of cars. Police and fire trucks. we were a little shocked. It’s like nothing really happens in this neighborhood.”

Authorities were called out after a state inspection turned up a marijuana growing operation in the backyard of a couple’s home. Police discovered hundreds of marijuana plants. A large fence surrounding the backyard helped conceal the operation.

Torres described the scene, “I saw them building something in the back for months, so it’s kind of like a fort back there, but I just though it was a regular fence.”

Police said the marijuana plants were six to ten feet tall behind this newly constructed wooden fence.

Neighbors told News 8 the homeowners live there with their young children. They said on Friday authorities spent the day removing the marijuana plants from the back yard.

Torres added, “They were there from the morning from like 8:00 a.m. to almost midnight.”

Ivette Quiles said, “We just saw two pickup trucks there and they were taking trees, we can call it trees.”

The facility was closed down, and the daycare license was revoked. Police said no arrests have been made yet.

Locals can’t believe what happened in their quiet neighborhood. Torres said, “You never know. you never know who your neighbor is.”

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