“Don’t Breathe”

A Look at the Movies

Rated R

1 hour 25 minutes

Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Millette

What a creepy idea for a nerve racking thriller. Three young punks think they’ll have it easy invading the home of a blind victim.

Who winds up terrorizing the intruders.

“Don’t Breathe” is a frightfully suspenseful shocker using directing skill to elevate what’s basically a pretty sick movie.

Let the game of cat and mouse begin, when these home invaders discover they’re living dangerously on the edge.

Sociopath Stephen Lang may have lost his sight, but not his killer instinct for survival. First he’ll lock off any escape and then turn off the lights, giving his other senses the advantage. Predator and prey have completely reversed themselves. They don’t dare breathe as Lang becomes their worst nightmare in the dark.

Ask yourself, why would we want to put ourselves through this emotional meat grinder? It’s one of the mysteries of why these thrillers are so popular.

As repulsive as the story might be, “Don’t Breathe” is an extremely well made shocker.  You won’t have to hold your breath to find out “Don’t Breathe” earns a nail biting 3 stars.

You won’t relax until the theater lights are turned back on.

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