Westfield holds vigil for opioid abuse

Attendees wrote messages of healing and hope

Park Square Westfield Gazebo Doors off July 2016
Park Square Westfield Gazebo (Photo courtesy: The Westfield News)

WESTFIELD (WWLP) – Today may be International Overdose Awareness Day, but to many Westfield residents, every day is a reminder of the effects addiction has on their community.

In February, three Westfield community members died of opioid-related deaths in just six days. That’s what prompted the creation of the city’s Opioid Task Force.

The task force held a candle light vigil today to not only raise awareness about addiction, but to commemorate lives lost. The vigil was held on the Park Square Green.

Opioid Task Force Coordinator, Kathy Sitler said that today is “a day for us to remember those who have lost their battle with addiction, and a day for us to come together as a community to give hope to those still fighting, along with their families.”

Dozens gathered to write messages of encouragement on the “Wall of Healing and Hope,” created by volunteers Andy Weeks and John Carlo Woodworking.

The vigil followed a faith-based agenda in which local church leaders lent words of support for those in need.

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