11-year-old gives toys to children in hospital

HAVERHILL, Mass. (CNN) – 11-year-old gives toys to children in hospital

She may only be 11-years-old, but a Massachusetts girl already knows all about “paying it forward.”

Noelle Gregoir has been here before. She’s walked a mile in their shoes, knows their pain. Also knows not all healing comes from medicine.

The 11-year-old from Haverhill drops off toys to kids who are recovering from surgery at tufts floating hospital and she’s been doing to for three years after noticing during one of her own visits here for a spinal condition, there simply weren’t enough toys to go around.

“…and I was really upset about that so I thought about that a couple years later and I came up with this foundation myself,” said Noelle.

Just last month, eight months after surgery, Moelle swam a mile and a half in a New Hampshire lake to raise money to buy the toys to give to the kids.

“Because they might be sitting in bed and not doing anything and how they get a toy they have something to do that cheers them up,” said Noelle.

Noelle has donated $20,000 worth of toy, the numbers of smiles received, priceless.

“It’s so many and it means so much to me thinking about how the kids will smile when they get their toy,” said Noelle.

“I’m not planning on quitting for a long, long time,” said Noelle.

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