Trump signs repeatedly stolen

Watch the video to see the letter left in place of the stolen sign

Trump sign
Massachusetts man hangs Trump sign in tree after thieves take three others and leave note taunting him for his political views.

(NECN) You won’t see many political signs driving through Walpole, Massachusetts, because some residents say they refuse to put them up.

“I think there’s a lot of disappointment,” said resident Phil Dubois.

“I wouldn’t put any one of those signs up at my house, to be honest with you,” expressed Walpole resident Ritchie Jennings.

It’s hard to miss political signs that are actually up in the town of Walpole, especially the one in front of Michael Liotta’s home, since it’s nailed onto a tree, about 20 feet high.

This is the fourth “Trump 2016” sign he has put up in the last weeks after last three were stolen. But it was the last incident that really got Liotta upset. Whoever stole the sign also left behind a note, which read in part, “People of your kind are in fact, the most dimwitted, low level, simpletons that any well-developed nation has to offer. I, and any other American who is against Mr. Trump, am better than you in every single way imaginable (especially in the areas of intelligence, reasoning, and problem solving.)”

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