Rules for a successful retirement

T-Rowe Price recommends saving 15% or more of your salary towards retirement

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(CNN) – Good news. More Americans are living longer, healthier lives. Unfortunately, that can affect your retirement savings in a big way.

More Americans are living longer, which means more people are working longer, but are we saving enough to enjoy our golden years?

Apparently some employees need a little help from their bosses. According to a new report from asset management firm T-Rowe Price, more companies are making it easier for employees to save more for retirement.

Last year, a little more than half of the employers in the report automatically enrolled workers into a retirement savings plan, like a 401k. 30% automatically contributed 6% or more of the worker’s salary to the savings plan, which, according to the report, is a big deal.

If automatically enrolled, 88% of workers participate in the plan.

When employees have to sign themselves up and aren’t automatically enrolled, less than half participate.

Putting away 6% still might not be enough, though.

T-Rowe Price recommends saving 15% or more of your salary towards retirement. If you can’t do that all at once, start saving gradually, like adding two percent each year.

Little by little, you can get a nest egg that may keep you comfortable.

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