Serial pooper targeting Arlington area park

Photo courtesy WJLA

(CNN) – Andy Delafield’s kids love climbing and playing at Ft. Barnard park in South Arlington.

But now they have to watch where they step.

Delafield is physically disgusted after learning a serial pooper is targeting this playground.

“I have three kids, one is a cancer survivor.  You run into something like that and stick your hands in that?  Oh my god.  Just ugh,” said Delafield.

An unusual and unsanitary vandal.

Arlington county parks and rec saying human poop has been found about four to five times in the last few months.

“Inside the little stall…” said one concerned parent. Meghan Collins found a pile hidden where her two-year-old son duke plays.

“Nobody would want your kids to have to deal with that on a playground,” said Collins.

Officials say the person responsible is covering the poop with a shirt or jacket and when a child or parent picks it up, they get a nasty surprise.

“Defecate outside is one thing, but then in a kids park where kids can easily fall into it really shocks me,” said Rashon Rogers.

The culprit has been tough to sniff out. Parks and rec believes it’s happening after hours in the dark.  Each time it’s reported, workers clean it up and disinfect the area.

“Who could be sick enough to like, do something like that.  It’s just absolutely disgusting,” said Delafield.

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