Police: People selling items on website getting counterfeit bills

Other police departments in western Massachusetts are experiencing the same crime

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police are investigating several cases where people have complained about getting counterfeit bills when selling objects.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney told 22News the complaints said that when they offered to sell their property online and advertised on the OfferUp webpage. When they met with the potential buyer and sold the items, it was later found that they were allegedly given counterfeit money for the sale.

One of the cases that is being investigated is an incident where a 23-year-old man met with the person that was allegedly described as a black male, early 20’s, 6 feet tall and about 190 pounds, on a side street in the Indian Orchard part of Springfield. The victim allegedly sold his pink IPhone SE for $300 and the alleged suspect left in a cab, said Delaney.

The victim discovered the bills were counterfeit when he attempted to deposit them in an ATM and it would not accept them. The victim noticed they all had the same serial number, said Delaney.

Another case being investigated allegedly took place in the parking lot of Taco Bell on Boston Road. A mom and her son were allegedly selling sneakers on the OfferUp website. A suspect, allegedly matching the same description as the previous crime, met them in the parking lot and paid them for the sneakers with a fake $100 bill, said Delaney.

Delaney also said the serial number on the bills is LB70911200E.

Detectives are investigating these crimes, and it has been determined that other police departments in western Massachusetts are experiencing the same crime.

Springfield Police suggest that if you are selling your personal items online to:

  • Make sure you meet in a public place
  • Take a picture with your cellphone of your property
  • When you’re making the transaction, take a picture of the buyer
  • Never meet at a strange address
  • Check the currency of the bills
  • Never meet anyone you don’t know alone

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