State lawmakers choose to forego tax free holiday weekend

Not paying the 6.25% sales tax can save shoppers a lot of money

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The second weekend in August is typically when Massachusetts has a sales tax holiday, but it didn’t happen this year.

State lawmakers chose to forego the tax free holiday weekend this year due to the state’s current fiscal condition.

Shoppers and store owners alike were disappointed that Massachusetts did not have a tax free weekend this year. Many consumers were depending on having a tax free weekend to help save some money.

Marissa Depaski of Northampton told 22News, “I was raised in a family of 6 kids, so it’s a huge thing to have that benefit of a tax break.”

This is one of only a few times in recent years that shoppers haven’t gotten a day or two break from paying sales taxes during the summer months.

“I was surprised,” said John Dipietro of Northampton. “We’ve had it every summer since I can remember.”

Many shoppers plan to make their big purchases during the tax free weekend. Not paying the 6.25% sales tax on items can end up saving shoppers a lot of money.

Paul Williams of Southampton echoed this sentiment to 22News, saying, “That is a significant bit especially if you are buying appliances or TVs.”

Without a tax free weekend, some shoppers in Massachusetts headed up to New Hampshire, where there are no state taxes.

“New Hampshire certainly is convenient enough for me, so I’ll go up there when I need to make a big ticket purchase,” Justin Dipietro of Northampton told 22News.

Some retailers are running promotions that allow shoppers to save equivalent to the 6.25% sales tax on their purchases this weekend.

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