Scattered showers and thunderstorms expected to continue through Sunday evening

The storms are likely to be coming to an end after midnight

Very dark clouds seen over Ludlow. ReportIt Photo

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have spent any time outside Sunday, you have felt the heat and humidity.

The combination of heat, humidity, and sunshine create the perfect conditions for afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

The main concern with some of these storms is heavy downpours and gusty winds. Additionally, frequent lightning is a possibility, and even hail is not out of the question. These storms will be scattered, though, which means not everyone will be seeing them.

Cindy Thoma from West Springfield told 22News that she hopes the hot and dry weather will let up soon.

“Oh my goodness when is it going to end,” she said. “It is just too hot and I’m doing everything I can to stay cool. Just the humidity and everything is really terrible. Just walking outside I instantly start sweating.”

You can expect the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms to continue through Sunday evening.

The hot and dry conditions Western Massachusetts has been experiencing make it very likely that there will be some flooding if we do get thunderstorms. The ground is extremely dry, which makes it difficult for the ground to soak up any raindrops that fall quickly.

The storms are likely to be coming to an end after midnight. It will continue to stay muggy and hot overnight, but there should be some relief from the heat to come early Monday morning.

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