A Look at the Movies

Rated PG-13

1 Hour 35 Minutes

Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Emily Meade

It’s only right that a thriller about teenagers using their smart phones to live dangerously should be called “Nerve”.

I would describe this questionable movie as “What Nerve” to glorify irresponsible behavior for the sake of cheap thrills.

Teen role model Emma Roberts and her crowd get hooked on the latest in Cyber gaming, an outlaw truth or dare pursuit called “Nerve”.

No one’s more game than Roberts for whatever nerve it takes to keep her on the edge.

And Dave Franco is just unhinged enough to play any game with a reckless abandon that’ll put his nerves to the test.

Franco thinks nothing of exciting his new soul mate by racing a motorcycle blind-folded  through mid-town Manhattan.

And the filmmakers don’t even bother providing a disclaimer that the kids in the audience had better not try doing that.

What troubles me most about “Nerve”, is the attitude of having it both ways. Feeling good about the half-hearted warning for the young audience to be alert to the dangers connected to their smart phones, and at the same time, being irresponsible by exploiting the kid’s desire for adventure with their friends.

I’m not friend of “Nerve” by giving this dishonest thriller a disconnect with 2 stars.

Instead of just rating movies for sex, violence and language, picture’s like “Nerve” should also be rated for stupidity.

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