Heavy showers and thunderstorms cover Western Massachusetts

The bulk of the storms are over for Saturday evening

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We saw some pretty serious storms earlier Saturday evening.

Southwick was just one of many areas in Western Massachusetts that experienced some pretty severe weather. Lightning and thunder filled the skies.

Depending on where you were, you may have experienced some heavy showers and thunderstorms. All of this rain led to some pretty wet and slick road conditions.

Bryan Suchenicz from Feeding Hills told 22News, “It was terrible outside raining cats and dogs, torrential downpours, and terrible driving.”

Aside from the 60 mph winds, the frequent lightening, and the downpours, there is another big concern with these storms. The ground has been very dry from the droughts that Western Massachusetts has been experiencing, which makes it difficult for the ground to soak up the rainfall quickly. This can result in flooding.

The bulk of the storms are over for Saturday evening, but the outside air is still hot, heavy and extremely humid.

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