At Russian Mosquito Festival, the more bites the better

One of the world's most hated insects is being celebrated with their very own festival in Russia

A woman dances around in costume to celebrate her favorite type of insect.

(NBC) – They are one of the world’s most hated insects but in Russia they are being celebrated with their very own festival.

Dozens of residents of a Siberian town gathered for the Russian mosquito festival Saturday. But high temperatures, and little humidity served to deter the stars of the show as well as local people.

The main aim of the show is mosquito hunting or catching mosquitoes in a jar had to be cancelled.

Another competition is the selection of a woman who had the most bites had to be modified.

At previous events, the competitors wore scanty clothing and ventured into the forest to get bites that were counted by the jury.

This time the girls showed mosquito bites that they had received before the event. The winner, 9 year old Irina Ilyukhina, presenting the judges 43 bites.

Still, the festival was a fun occasion with dancing and singing contests and a traditional Russian goods fair displaying national clothing and birch bark souvenirs.

It’s the fourth year running that the town has held the event.


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