Why sweat won’t help you much in heat like this

We're on day two of potentially another heat wave in Western Massachusetts

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As temperatures soared into the 90s again on Friday, it was another one of those days that you can see the heat shimmering in the air.
For those that did try getting exercise outside, they couldn’t for long.

“We usually do 8 laps around, but today we’re going to do just six. Get it over with quick,” said Bill Zabik from Chicopee.

As it usually is in the summer, it’s not just the heat…it’s the humidity.

Your body cools off by sweating. When you sweat that moisture then evaporates off of your skin and helps you cool. On a humid day that evaporation process does not happen as well. That keeps more of your sweat on your body and your clothes, rather than lowering your body temperature.

The higher the dew point, the less the air will take away your sweat, the worse you feel.

Thursday and Friday we’ve had dew points in the low to mid 70s, about as high as it ever gets here in western Massachusetts.

“Ugg. It’s painful. It really is. We have shade and stuff like that, but it’s just unbearable. It’s kind of suffocating,” said Lillian Delgado from Chicopee.

We asked you on our 22News Storm Team Facebook and Twitter pages to describe this weather in three words or less.

Sarah told us it’s “better than snow” while Michelle says it “feels like Florida”.
Kate said this weather is “wicked gross” meanwhile Ryan asked us to “make it stop”

For the time being, the heat and humidity are here to stay.

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