Traveling with pets can be dangerous

Massachusetts is one of 8 states that has a law on traveling with pets

(Courtesy: Austin Pets Alive! Outreach)

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – According to a new report, more people are traveling with their pets, and that can be dangerous. Not just for the pet, but also for you.

An unsecured pet can turn into a flying projectile. A 60 pound pet can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds during an accident at 30 miles per hour.

Even the best behaved pet can have behavior that can distract the driver. Options include pet car seats, seat belts, travel crates and pet barriers. Choose the one that best fits your need and give your pet some time to adjust to it.

Not everyone is sold on the idea. Sarah and Ben Craig of Northampton told 22News, “We have a 25 pound dog and we are going on vacation with him tomorrow. I’m not going to be buckling him up. I love him, but he is an animal. I’ve seen the thing at pet stores where you can hook them in, but my only concern there is if you are in an accident, can the dog get out? So I am torn.”

Massachusetts is one of only 8 states that has a law on traveling with pets. It’s illegal to leave your pet unsecured in the bed of a pickup truck or a load bearing part of the vehicle, unless the space is enclosed. Once your pet is safe, travel sites like Trips With Pets, and Bring Fido can help you plan a pet friendly vacation.

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