Porch thieves target Forest Park neighborhood

Residents hope to form crime watch group to curb further thefts

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Thursday morning before dawn, a thief walked up to Cindy Sattal’s porch and stole a milk tray with sentimental value. It was just one of a number of such crimes reported in the historic residential area from Forest Park to Longhill Street. Sattal’s surveillance camera captured the image of the theft.

Neighborhood resident and Springfield City Councilor Kateri Walsh calls these crimes “senseless thefts.” Thieves stole two Marine flags from her porch. Her husband, son, and father-in-law all served in the Marines. One of the flags is irreplaceable. “To have a flag showing their services to their country, plus their battle ribbons and to have someone steal it from the porch, what would they possibly want with it?” she said. “Do they realize the significance of what it does to people?”

The Walsh family is debating whether to risk hanging a duplicate flag honoring their Marine history. 22News heard more reports of these crimes as neighbors like Will Turgeon came forward. He said that “I was able to assist Springfield Police last year in helping recover a stolen snow blower out of the yard.”

One neighbor wants to form a community crime watch group. Another suggested more of them participate in meetings with the police unit that works closely with each neighborhood.

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