Massachusetts man accused of raping teen after meeting via Uber

Uber says he has been permanently banned from driving for the company

(CNN) – A Massachusetts man was charged with raping a teenage girl that he allegedly met while driving for Uber. Police reportedly arrested the suspect Wednesday. Prosecutors say the attack happened in July.

Prosecutors say Darnell Booth. Used his job as an Uber driver to meet a 16 year-old girl. Who he’s now accused of raping. Booth collapsed Friday as the charges were read in court.

Investigators say it began June 30th, when Booth was the girl’s Uber driver. The pair began to message on snapchat. Then July 5th, while he was off duty, he offered her a ride to school. Drove her to an abandoned parking lot where he attacked her.

Carrie Spiros, Prosecutor said, “He used his body to pin her down.  He pulled off her pants and her underwear. He pulled off his own shorts that he was wearing, and at that point he raped her.”

Investigators found his DNA on the girl’s shirt. Turns out, Booth has an 8 page criminal history. 5 investigates did a Cori check on Booth. In 2012, he was convicted of assaulting a corrections officer. Served 2 years in prison.

He also did jail time in 2008 for dealing drugs in a school zone. His attorney says most cases were misdemeanors or dismissed. She says. The girl’s story doesn’t add up.

His Attorney said, “I have received a police report and I’ve listen to the statement of probable cause and I would suggest there are far more questions than answers.”

The charges come just days after governor baker signed a new law requiring background checks on uber and other ride sharing services, Boston’s mayor calls that a good start.

Mayor Marty Walsh, of Boston said, “We may need to go a little further.  We will see.  I would still like to have regulations in the city of Boston, be able to do it. Uh we have the ability to be able to do it, we do it for cabs right now.”

Booth’s attorney says her client denies the charges. Uber says he has been permanently banned from driving for the company.

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