Hillary Clinton releases 2015 tax returns

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton is keeping the pressure on Donald Trump to release his tax returns, “He refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns.”

Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, released their 2015 tax return, which showed they raked in 10.6 million last year, much less than the nearly 28 million dollars they made in 2014.

They paid roughly a third of their income to Uncle Sam, 3.2 million, making their effective tax rate 30.6 percent, on par with their 32 percent effective rate in 2014.

At the same time the campaign disclosed 10 years of returns from running mate Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton.

They reported about 313,000 in income and paid nearly 63,000 in federal taxes, for an effective rate of 20 percent.

It’s part of a coordinated effort by the campaign that includes a new web video featuring prominent republicans calling on Trump to release his returns.

Trump says he’ll release his returns once an IRS audit is complete, “You don’t learn very much from tax returns.  But when the audit is done, I have been under audit now for I think 15 years straight which is ridiculous because other people don’t get audited.  I know many rich people that are never audited.”

As Clinton urges transparency on tax returns, she is still not releasing transcripts from her paid speeches, a point that Bernie Sanders seized on during the democratic primary and Trump could revive, “I am going to release all of the transcripts of the speeches I gave on Wall Street behind closed doors. Not for 225,000 not for 2,000 not for 2 cents. There were no speeches.”

Nearly 10 percent of the Clinton’s income went to charitable contributions, most of that, one million dollars, was donated to the private Clinton family foundation.

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