Body relaxation techniques

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – We all need some time to unwind now and then, and Saskia Cote of Bottom Line Bodywork LLC showed us and talked about the benefits of foot massage, reflexology, and cupping.

  1. Foot Massage/Reflexology
  • Body reflected in the feet
  • Feet have more nerve endings per square cm than any other part of body
  • Massaging benefits entire body
  • Reflexology: working on specific reflex points to help a specific condition (Pneumonia, digestion, back problems, sinus issues, etc.)

2. Cupping

  • Traditionally used in Eastern modalities (like acupuncture) to produce more circulation in areas of pain/stiffness.
  • Vacuum in a cup and places cup on skin of client
  • Vacuum makes the cup stay in place on skin, improving local circulation
  • silicone cups combining the suction with massage strokes
    • increased circulation, increased range of motion, less pain.


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