E-mails reveal how Trump got stuck in elevator

(CNN) – Donald Trump was late to his Colorado Springs rally on July 29, because he was stuck in an elevator.  Denver Seven is now finding out what really caused the delay.

We asked for hundreds of pages of emails from the fire department.  In this e-mail, the Colorado Springs fire marshal who would later be criticized by Trump wrote this to a friend, Turns out someone, secret service or his entourage, had an elevator bypass key.   They, one of them, turned it off between floors and didn’t know how to get it back on.

Our folks went in and fished them out. Elevator guys get there and say what the crap? Who turned this off? Turned it back on and voila.”

When Trump arrived at his rally, thousands were still waiting to get in and Trump blamed the fire marshal, “And we have in the room next door over 1,000 people. They won’t let them in. And the reason they won’t let them in is because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

While Trump was saying this, we found out, his staff knew the limits.

This email from one day before the visit, is between the Colorado Springs fire department and UCCS, it spells out the capacity for the campus venue.

A UCCS spokesman tells me this memo was communicated in person to the Trump campaign the day before the rally.

Which was two days after the campaign signed this contract that says they will follow “all rules and regulations” “prescribed by the fire and police departments.”

The emails also revealed that the Trump campaign dispersed 10 thousand online tickets to an event that was only legally allowed to host 25 hundred people.

A Trump spokesperson says the campaign has no comment on the revelations.

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