Company to offer plane tours of Yosemite

It is interesting, because you are seeing the canyons like you have never seen them before

(CNN) – There’s a new way to see Yosemite national park. A Mariposa county flight company is now offering a bird’s eye view of the park from ten thousand feet in the air. This small plane at the small Mariposa airport is giving people a bigger than life experience.

Stan Wheeler, Pilot said, “It is a four-seater airplane so you have three passengers and a pilot.”

Meet Stan Wheeler, he is one of the pilots at airborne aviation.

Stan Wheeler: “We are coming from the south.”

He is taking us roughly 10 thousand feet up to get a bird’s eye view of Yosemite national park

Stan Wheeler: “Part of a dome-shaped thing. That’s half dome.”

The hour flight takes off from historic mariposa to the park and this is where we see it all.

Stan Wheeler: “This gives you the ability to see a whole more of the park without a hike.”

Tourists from around the world who come here and even local residents now have a new way to see Yosemite.

Stan Wheeler: “You can still see the features of all the cliffs and the waterfalls and so forth, but you can see everything beyond them as well.”

From high in the sky we see half dome towering over the meadows below and visitors driving through the park.

Stan Wheeler: “This big rock here is El Capitan.”

The pilots know the lay of the land and explain what passengers are looking at. The owner of airborne aviation services and airport manager Anthony Borreson says he wanted to show people what he has been seeing for years.

Anthony Borreson, Owner, Airborne Aviation Services and the Airport Managersaid, “When I first flew over I thought man everyone should be seeing this.”

He recently was approved by the FAA to give scenic tours.

Anthony Borreson: “Folks that can’t hike anymore or folks that can’t really see the perspective like a bird would see can still do that today.”

The Yosemite flyover operates year around depending on weather of course.

It is interesting, because you are seeing the canyons like you have never seen them before.”

Stan Wheeler: “You are seeing everything from above instead of looking up.”

Wheeler says many will see a whole lot more of Yosemite in an hour than most do in a lifetime.

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