Are you still waiting for an E-ZPass overcharge refund?

Call 877-627-7745 if you see an overcharge in your statement

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Ever since 22News first told MassDOT about E-ZPass transponders overcharging drivers at Exit 6 on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the lane has been shut down twice to fix the problem.

However, many of you are telling us you still haven’t been reimbursed. We received your calls and emails saying that MassDOT told you it would take weeks or even months to get your money back.

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MassDOT Secretary Stephanie Pollack told 22News they’re working with the contractor to find out who’s been overcharged, and determine “what the fairest resolution is.” “It is a legitimate issue. Can we figure out how many people were charged incorrectly and make sure that we deal with any outstanding billing issues?”

Pollack didn’t specify when everyone will be reimbursed, but said the process will take a while. You need to check your E-ZPass statement to see if you’ve been overcharged, and report it to MassDOT. The number is 877-627-7745 and hit option #3.

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