Video: Waterspout over Iowa Lake

When it was gone neighbors can share a sigh of relief and even a laugh


(CNN) – A waterspout on Lake Manawa captured on camera.

Donny Armstrong, who saw the waterspout said,, “It’s right on the lake and not even moving. It’s one spot.”

A cautious spectator edges towards the banks of Lake Manawa. As rain sprinkles down skirting a small but strong water-spout. Sitting eerily still just off shore.

Greg Spencer, who saw the water spout said, “I look out and here is this water spout that you can’t even believe out there.”

That waterspout was in Greg Spencer’s back-yard. He snapped a couple pictures of his own. As the spout moved over a manned, dredge.

Greg Spencer: “I’m sure the guys in the dredge were. Biting bullets.”

That’s putting it nicely. People from all over the metro saw the spout. Sending us pictures and video. From Council Bluffs even into Omaha. While some people like Bob Higgins had a front-row seat.

Bob Higgins, Lake Manawa Resident said, “Apparently no damage but I’ll tell you what.. It was something to watch.”

After ten or fifteen minutes.

Donny Armstrong: “It’s falling apart, it’s breaking right there in the middle.”

As quickly, and quietly as it came, suddenly the spout disappeared.

Bob Higgins: “Water was flying everywhere. Next thing I knew, it was gone.”

Neighbors can share a sigh of relief and even a laugh.

Greg Spencer: “All of a sudden I thought it was ‘carp-nado!’ We all had a good time with that.”

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