Mass. construction worker falls into concrete mixer

That worker was conscious and talking when he was taken to the hospital

(CNN) – After 2 excruciating hours, first responders rush the construction worker out of the building and into a waiting ambulance.

A local Firefighter said, “This was a true tech rescue operation.”

His foot was caught in this cement mixer – this picture shows the sides cut away. In the middle there, the heavy metal auger that sucked his foot in when he slipped.

Local Firefighter: “And it’s wedged under bottom of hopper -had to get cement out and then cut away body of it. And cut auger off.”

That 22-year-old worker was in unbelievable pain – given oxygen and an IV as firefighters carefully cut the mixer apart by hand for 2 agonizing hours. They could not use power tools because the operation was so delicate.

Local Firefighter: “We couldn’t use a torch, the ankle was wrapped around the auger and the heat from torch would burn victim”

Investigators say it appears the worker slipped into the mixer, but it was one of the strangest technical rescues they’ve come across.

Local Firefighter: “We were surprised how he could have gotten in there.  Apparently they had bags of cement stacked 4 feet high:

That worker was conscious and talking when he was taken to the hospital. Investigators are now trying to determine if anything could have prevented such a dangerous accident.

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