Teen cashes in on Trump’s presidential vote

"give me one dollar or I’m voting Trump."

(CNN) – An anti-Trump sign that has a teenager seeing dollar signs. A couple of street savvy guys are cashing in on Donald Trump. I’m just a regular tall black guy getting money off this guy. It’s sort of bemusing blackmail, “give me one dollar or I’m voting Trump.”

A 19-year old from Ohio who would only give his first name “josh” got the sign idea off the internet. I just started traveling the U.S. about 3 months ago and I’ve made around 12 grand. 12 grand tax free.

The “tall black guy” who does most of the talking met josh shortly after the teen arrived in New York. We stumbled on them

In the shadow of the Trump international hotel in Columbus circle, which has become a bit of a magnet for protests like this Trump hair hut.

Two ad agency guys dreamed this up to protest wealth inequality. Matching dog not included. The hair hut, made out of Mexican straw, is meant to make a point not a profit, while the sign guys can make as much as 225 bucks a day. Who would pay to pose in front of it.

Maybe someone who felt insulted by the Donald.

Donald Trump: They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime.

The people posing were tourists from Mexico.

Tourist: He’s no good for Mexico.

However he’s good for these guys. Entrepreneurs who didn’t even attend Trump university. At Trump University we teach success. We don’t want money. Yes we do.

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