Nancy Dell: the body metabolizing alcohol; the health benefits of mint

How long it takes to metabolize alcohol depends on many factors

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1.) I have heard that the rule is if you have one drink and wait an hour it is safe to drive. Is that true?
Casey, Internet 

In general, it takes a man one hour to metabolize one drink. But women metabolize one drink in one and a half hours in general. It also depends on many other factors.  If you are slim it will take longer for you to process alcohol.  You will feel the effects of alcohol faster if you have not eating much or if you are sleep deprived.

Plus, if you drink Champagne, you will get drunk faster.  According to a study from the University of Surrey in the UK, the carbonation irritates the walls of the stomach dilating the blood vessels and they absorb more alcohol. Experts say if you drink, don’t drive.


2.) I have lots of mint growing in my yard. What are the health benefits?
Stacey, Internet 

According to researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, mint is an odor we can also “feel” and just the smell of it can give us more energy. Studies show just smelling mint helps people exercise longer and helps us complete clerical tasks more quickly and more accurately.

You can get these mint benefits from gum, tea, and by adding mint to other beverages. Or you can simply rub your fingers with the mint leaves to get a whiff and get the benefits. If you are going to consume the mint in your yard, be sure you have not mistakenly sprayed it with lawn chemicals or pesticides.

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