Back-to-school fashion

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Terry Standish, our visual intuitive guide from helped us find a better balance between our inner and outer closet. For back to school week, that balance is helping us to prepare for back to school in steps and stages, for all ages.

1) Create Fun Plan of Action: This is the perfect time to create some great memories with your child as you are helping them to get ready to go back to school. A chance to help your child understand and express their taste and create boundaries so it creates a successful win, win for you both. It is a great lesson in spending money, shopping clearly and in making better decision for themselves.

2) Gain Clarity of what is needed based on the current wardrobe: Take inventory of what still fits and does not by having them try on what you are unsure of. Note what is worn out and needs to be replaced, mended or removed. Keep a list of what is missing and still needed. Add a separate wish list of what they would like to see in their wardrobe. Use this as an over all list of information of consideration.

3) Set Expectations: Create goals with your child for the back to school shopping. Establish a realistic budget so you can decide what goes on the list and the time frame you have to get it done. Negotiate within the expectations and boundaries to what they want wear. This will make shopping much easier if the expectations are set up ahead of time.

4) Shopping Day: The shopping will go much easier now that you have a list, the expectations are set, the boundaries have been settled and a budget in place. Now choosing where to go and what to buy will become much clearer. Choose what stores will match the list of needs and budget. Let the fun begin.

5) Timing is Everything: Make sure the time frame you pick to shop meets your patience and their ability to stay on task so there will be less of a chance of melt down on either side. Pick hours of the day that is less busy if you can and then do this sooner than later so your selection isn’t picked over. Allowing you to shop with less stress. Add in a lunch or dinner or seperate trips to break it up and add in some fun.

6) Self-Expression: Your child wants to feel that they have a say in the choices of their clothing which is what I call their “second skin.” Like picking out food that is based on taste. What are the colors, style, brands and patterns that calls to them. They may have to choose from what they like and not get it all but that was understood before you started so it will be easier for them to stick to the plan of having to choose.

  • As a parent the budget and presentation of how your child looks and dress is often most important to you. For them it is expressing themselves in unique ways and showing independence. Successful back to school shopping is giving in a little on both sides. It’s the compromise
  • They will never want to dress in your taste as you never wanted to dress in your parents taste. They are individuals growing up who want to look and feel that way and allowing them to do is part of growing up.

8) Getting dressed and getting ready throughout the year will go so much easier when they actually like and enjoy what they own and wear and you have agreed to it as you went along.


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