Police: Thieves are targeting keyless cars

Police are urging you to remember to take your fob and lock your car doors

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Hartford’s seen a spike in car thefts, and police are warning drivers to not leave key fobs inside their vehicles.

In the last four weeks, Hartford Police have recovered 99 stolen vehicles. “If you leave your fob in your car, you run the risk of somebody breaking into your car and stealing your vehicle,” said sales manager David Fredette of Balise Toyota in West Springfield.

A fob, is an electronic key, that provides keyless entry for newer car models. The fob can remain in the driver’s pocket or purse, but police are noticing, drivers are leaving them inside their vehicles.

Officials recommend as soon as you get out of you vehicle, you keep your fob in your hand. You also want to make sure your car is protected and locked. You know that, when you hear the central locking activation, which makes a heavy clinking sound. That noise means you and your car are protected from thieves.

“The cars have safety technology that will actually alert you when you get out of the car, it will start beeping, to let you know, that you don’t have the key. So just get into the habit of making sure you always have the key on you,” said Fredette.

Thieves know that newer model cars will stay unlocked if you leave your fob inside.

Lyn Leveille of Montgomery told 22News, she enjoys the freedom the fob provides. “I like the push button start. I always keep my keys in my pocketbook on me. I like the fact, that I don’t need the key to lock the door. When I get out I just touch the handle. It locks automatically.”

Police are urging you to remember to take your fob and lock your car doors.

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