Marijuana exposure for Colorado kids

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(CNN) – Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, hospitals are treating more kids for accidental exposure.  Researchers say more thought should be focused on prevention.

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, researchers say more kids are ending up in the hospital after being exposed to it.

“In 2009, we saw one child here with marijuana exposure that we know of, in the mercy department; and in 2015, we saw 16,” said Dr. G. Sam Wang.

Many of the kids got sick after eating treats, like cookies or brownies, infused with t-h-c.

“Something that looks and tastes just like a non-infused product, obviously a child is going to eat and be unaware,” said Dr. Wang.

For kids no older than nine, a new study shows 87 cases of marijuana exposure in Colorado called in to poison control over the last two years.

About half of the callers complained of drowsiness and lethargy; others included dizziness, vomiting, even seizures.

The study was published in Jama pediatrics.  It compared those 87 cases to the 76 cases in the four years before legalization.

Last year, Colorado tried to address the problem by enacting a law requiring marijuana products to be sold in resealable, child-resistant packages.

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