VIDEO: Bullets fly during terrifying store robbery

Seconds later, all three were gone

(CNN) – Some terrifying security video shows three armed men storming into a supermarket, and trying to rob the place.

Two people barely get inside a back room and lock it just in time, as the suspects shoot through the door.

First, a gunshot to the ceiling sends both customers and cashiers running. Two men rush in, but a cashier manages to shut and lock the door just in time. The men try everything but can’t get through.

While they’re at the front, another armed man heads to the back of the store. Watch as he puts a gun to the head of a customer. The customer looks like he’s practically begging the gunman to take his wallet and he’s safe.

But the gunman isn’t done. He, too, tries to break through the door. But even his bullets and kicks are unsuccessful.

Seconds later, all three are gone.

Cashier Noor Kadiwala said, “If I was meant to die that day, I would’ve been dead, but it’s all God’s grace.  Saved all of us.”

Let’s go back to the beginning of the video. That’s Kadiwala in the grey watch as he runs to the room and shuts the door. He then opens it for another cashier, then closes and locks it again less than half a second before the robber arrives.

This half a second may have made the difference between life and death.

Kadiwala said, “At that point in time, nobody thinks, it just happens.”

Customer Ariel Guerrero said, “I couldn’t believe that somebody opened the door to let her in. You could’ve been so scared that you’re like you know what the door is closed, it’s staying closed, I don’t care.”

Kadiwala said, “I was just down on the floor, crawling back and forth, thinking if I’m lucky enough to dodge the bullets.  They even shot through the door and two bullets passed right next to my face.”

Outside cameras captured the men coming and going in a green Mitsubishi.

Manager Binod Khanao said, “From now on we have to be careful, watch the surroundings and customers. There is no control.  Anything could happen.”

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