Western Massachusetts parents taking extra steps to protect kids

Pioneer Valley Business leaders are teaming up for the 8th annual Kids Safety Expo.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – A parent’s worst fear. Your child disappears. “Going outside for two seconds and something can happen. You hear about it all the time. They’re just walking up the street and around the block, and your kids are gone,” said Springfield mother Dawn Shubrick.

Saturday, parents took precautions to protect their child from being abducted. The 8th annual Kids Safety Expo was held at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. Parents and kids learned a variety of safety topics, including how to deal with strangers.

“If somebody does approach them, we want them to have the right tools and the right means to be able to get away from them, if they need to,” said Jennifer Aubin, who drove all the way from Pittsfield to attend the event.

MYCHIP is one of the sponsors. The program provides tools to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a lost or missing child. The video program offers facial and voice recognition. Dozens of parents came out today to get their child an ID kit, which includes tooth print impressions, fingerprints, and a taped video interview of their child, all for free.

The kit contains vital information and can help save you valuable time. Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the United in the States.

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