Undecided voters rate Clinton’s speech

Two for Trump, three for Clinton and eight in our group still undecided

(CNN) – How did Hillary Clinton’s speech at the democratic national convention play with undecided voters?

Hillary Clinton: “The choice is clear my friends”

For some voters, that may be true, but in the swing state of Florida, the choice is anything but clear for this group of undecided voters.

Darin Bahl, an Undecided Voter said, “I’m disgusted with everyone.”

Watching Hillary Clinton’s convention speech, nearly all of these voters agreed Clinton came off softer around the edges.

Michael Beard, an Undecided Voter said, “I thought it humanized her. In Q and A’s in debates and everything else, she seemed almost robotic.”

Who after watching this speech found Hillary Clinton more approachable? Who found her more likable after this speech? The biggest hang-up for these voters, trust.

Most find Clinton dishonest and calculating, and her speech didn’t change that.

Bryant Cameron, an Undecided Voter said, “I was looking for what a lot of the pundits were saying — show us why we should trust you. And that’s what I was looking for. And nothing she said makes me want to trust her and believe in her.”

Gabriela Ryan, an Undecided Voter said, “Why is she still lying or avoiding when we know that she lied about so many issues.”

They were hoping the former secretary of state would address the mixed messages about the attack in Benghazi and her various explanations about her private email server.

Kimberly Kelly, an Undecided Voter said, “She said nothing and she’s had ample opportunity to present that to us and I think that that’s holding me back.”

This voter needs to know more before deciding, though he did like hearing about Clinton’s formative years.

Jason Woodside, an Undecided Voter said, “How her mother struggled as a child How her mother taught her to be a fighter.”

You’re still not ready to vote for her?

Jason Woodside: “Well it’s a long way to November.”

Clinton’s attempt to convey a sense of unity and hope fell flat.

Candy Lowe, an Undecided Voter said, “I did not buy into that hope.”

So you didn’t believe her?

Candy Lowe, an Undecided Voter said, “I didn’t. Nope.”

So did her laundry list of experience.

Jamey Keltler, Decided to Support Trump said, “When you talk about experience she’s got a lot of it but it’s not been very successful.”

Still, statements like this did have traction with some.

Hillary Clinton: “We will fix it together…”

Melanie Alvin, an Undecided Voter said, “I was drawn over to her because she said our, and every time she mentioned our. It wasn’t I am, or I’m going to, it was our, meaning we, making this inclusive.”

Can she do that? Can she bring America together?

Bryant Camaron, an Undecided Voter said, “There are 13 million Bernie supporters who don’t trust her and that’s just Democrats.”

In the end, Clinton did make some headway.

How many of you after watching this speech decided to vote for Hillary Clinton? Three.

Though one of her new supporters told us his vote for her is really just a vote against Donald Trump.

Darin Bahl, Decided to Vote for Clinton said, “Oh she won my vote tonight, but it’s not so more what she said, but what Trump said yesterday.”

This voter decided after the speech to support trump after giving Clinton one last chance.

Gabriela Ryan, Decided to Vote Trump said, “I really wanted her to admit her wrongdoings and she would’ve had my vote from that because she has the experience over Trump, she has the self-control over Trump.”

Three months to go until Election Day, and here’s the tally. Two for Trump, three for Clinton. With eight in our group still undecided, and unhappy about their options.

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