Two month’s worth of rain needed to end drought

Multiple chances for showers are in our near future

It’s been an incredibly dry summer with rain showers few and far between,

What little rain we’ve had has been soaked up quickly by the parched lawns and plants that are desperate for a soaking.

“My lawn right now is just a dust bowl and there’s no grass there now and I just hope it doesn’t catch on fire you know? It’s just that dry and the ground is just parched, it’s like concrete,” said Al Sawicki from Chicopee.

Our lack of rainfall is reflected in the latest drought monitor report that puts most of Western Massachusetts in either Moderate Drought or Severe Drought.

By our latest calculations through Friday we’ve had more than 17 inches of rain in the lower Pioneer Valley this year, but on average we typically get a little more than 24 inches of rain year to date. That means we are missing more than 7 inches of rain that should be in the ground, but hasn’t fallen yet.

Typically we get about one inch of rain per week, or 3.5 inches of rain per month. So to put our drought in perspective we are missing more than two month’s worth of rain.

It’s not just lawns that are impacted, area rivers are also low, but hardy New Englanders are cautiously optimistic.

“I’d rather take a brown lawn than six feet of snow so I’ll take that,” said John Naughton from Derry, New Hampshire.

Thankfully our weather pattern, at least in the short term, is looking a bit wetter.

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